Renewable Energy Resources backed by 'The Gas Advantage'


Shapes & Sizes Vary, Our Engineering, Procurement & Construction Services are aimed at setting up Built to Suit 'Gas Infrastructure' to meet Customer needs.

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  Environmental Management by Energy Management  
 For Your Environment  For Your Business  For Your Home
  We at VGPSPL are committed to promote
  • Gas as a backup in green energy harness mechanisms
  • Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)
  • Reduction in the carbon footprint of human activity
  • Distributed Energy practices
  • Improved living standards at lower living costs
  • Energy Efficiency in Building Projects
  • Environmental Management by Energy Management
 A little green initiative, a big plus for your business

 Let's care for our environment and preserve it for future generations
Green affordable
housing initiative

 A Case Study
 Did You Know?
A raise of just 3 in surface temperatures will make earth uninhabitable for humans. The current emission levels are fast driving us in the direction.

  Do you have The Gas Advantage ? Be it Health care, Educational, Real Estate, Retailing, Entertainment, Hospitality or even a Process Unit, all can benefit from the clean burning, reliable, efficient Combined Heat & Power (CHP) generated by
gas fired microturbine.
 Did You Know?
Small businesses can typically save as much money and prevent as much pollution, per square foot, as large organizations.

 Gas as an alternate energy choice can enhances your life throughout your Home

Indoors and out, gas does it all!

 Convenience Services:

 Did You Know?
The typical household spends Rs 12,000.00 a year on energy bills. With replacing power with gas for water heating, you can save up to 30% or more than Rs 3600.00 per year.

 In collaboration with the existing initiatives VGPSPL will strengthen the business climate for energy activities by promoting the exchange of knowledge between companies and institutions. In addition, by means of working agreements with stake holders, elaboration of the development of opportunities will take place.