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Gas Torches

Light up the night with a gas torch. Powerful and dramatic, this gas torch burns safely

With a variety of models and options available you can find gas lighting that is ideal for the use you have in mind.

Where do you want light?

Gas lights are available in styles that can be wall mounted, hung from a ceiling or post mounted in the yard or at the end of the driveway. Convenience is met with beauty in gas lighting – with plenty of designs you’re certain to find one that compliments your décor perfectly.

The outdoor Gas Lighting system program is the culmination of nearly a century of consumer lighting expertise, offering the innovative features and price/value that people have grown to expect from all 'gaspros' Powered Products.

The new look of these beautiful torches to your outdoor environment provide a flickering ambiance to your next gathering. Gas torches are the perfect addition to a patio, walkway, or pool area. If you entertain outdoors and want to add a touch of class, let VGPSPL provide Gas torches for your home and business.

When you think Eternal Flames, City Torch, County Torches, Government Memorial Torches, Military Service Flames, Open Flame Torches, Cemetery Torches, Service Torches, Torch of Honor… Think 'gaspros' Gas Torches!