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USAA Real Estate has realized a 5% annual energy savings and increased the asset value of a California building by $1.5 million due to energy efficiency upgrades.

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Freedom from Grid based energy dependency is today’s pressing need.

VGPSPL delivers The Gas Advantage in building Projects empowering such projects with better power outage management and a reduced ‘power outage impact’ to customers.

For this segment we have gas infrastructure solutions to manage Cooking, Water Heating, Water Pumping, Laundry Drying, Partial Lighting and Power Generation.

Invisible Storage Tank is a must have option, unlocks overground storage space for core activity and keeps with the esthetics.

Expanded gas use calls for gas safety features as an integrated package in Gas Infrastructure solutions. Each of our product mixes can be integrated with our sensor based leak detection and early warning system with real-time senor status monitoring facility which could be located upto a kilometer away from the usage point.

A variety of Gas Management solutions are available with us for the domestic and the commercial segments .One can choose from Mechanical, Pulse, Prepaid and Wireless Gas Metering Systems. This is another innovative feature VGPSPL offers.

Other add-ons are Gas lights, Outdoor Torches and Legendary Lights (for used in common areas, landscapes and walkways). Pool Heaters and Water Pumps.

We could combine our combustion and fuel expertise with effective project design and management to create Energy Efficient Spaces for customer benefit.

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