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Among the first parameters of a developing economy are a raise in energy demand. In recent times the reliability and quality of grid base energy has come in for scrutiny. Inability of grid-based power to meet growing energy demand is a universal phenomenon.

Freedom from Grid Based Energy Dependency is the way to go. Low impact of power outages can make the going easy. Developers and builders must subscribe to The Gas Advantage and opt for a flexible and dependable energy mix. There is an increasing trend to consider gas as an added energy source to deal with the Heating and Cooling requirements besides cooking, while planning projects. Internationally, Distributed Power Generation technologies are preferred to manage power outages.

Gas Lights as an alternate lighting option in common areas, walk ways, drive ways, streets and landscape areas is fashionable. As a concept gas firelogs and hearths in homes is well accepted. They bring in a different feel to any place and have all the positives to be considered by the Indian market.

These innovative product-mixes not only add value but also are practical and reduce O&M costs.

Building Projects with The Gas Advantage provide Freedom from Grid Based Energy Dependency and offer better management of power outages with reduced or no impact of power outages to customers. We could combine our combustion and fuel expertise with effective project design and management to create Energy Efficient Spaces for customer benefit.

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