Business Solutions - Interior Designers

In addition to creating beautiful spaces, today's interior designers look to combine value, function - and comfort. They find gas appliances and amenities a hot favorite!

Professional-Style Ranges

Today's new home must-have: Chef-quality Gas Ranges. Clients love the upscale stainless steel construction, high-output burners, constant-simmer heat levels, and gas broilers.

Gas Logs

They're warm, residue-free and add a glow and cozy feel to a home. The steady heat is often just right for a room. And they operate even during a power outage. You and your client can choose from a variety of styles and added features. Home owners with fireplaces generally select vented gas logs, which use the existing firebox and chimney. Vent-free sets are freestanding and can be installed against a wall.

Outdoor Kitchens

Homeowners today are turning their patios into outdoor kitchens, centered around their gas grills. Completing the installation: compact refrigerator, full sink and weatherproof cabinets.

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