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The Gas Advantage to enhance the ambiance of Landscapes

As a landscape architect you must put to your credit The Gas Advantage and impact environment. And nothing adds to the look and ambiance of your landscapes like gas.

Gas Lights

Gas lights add a charming glow along a driveway, around a doorway, in the garden, or on the patio. The soft lighting does not attract insects and enhances security. Gas lighting is dependable and cost-efficient. The gas lights are also built to last. They are weatherproof and will look beautiful for years to come.

Gas Grills

Did you know that 60 percent of urban Indians have grilled food at least once a week? Cooking outside on a grill adds flavor to house parties most part of the year. Gas grills are fast-heating, clean-burning, and fun to use. Gas grills are inexpensive to operate. Today's gas grills are durable- made with stainless steel, heavy-gauge aluminum, and rust-free cooking grids for long and maintenance-free enjoyment.

Gas Patio and Pool Heaters

Adding a patio or pool heater means people can enjoy the outdoors more months of the year. Patio heaters, mounted or freestanding, can warm up to a 20-foot circular area.

Swimming pool heaters are available to heat a pool of any size. The heaters come with accurate controls that keep water within 10% of your desired temperature.

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