Did You Know?
• Organizations that have adopted effective energy management strategies and built successful energy programs have had different results

Ford Motor Company has saved over $75 million through effective energy management.

Eastman Kodak saved more than $8.6 million in operating costs in 2002 from its energy management efforts.
Business Solutions - Overview

    We don't sell Gas, we deliver The Gas Advantage

Our mission is to strive for an increased participation of gas in the energy mix, by increasing the influence of gas in all walks of life.

Energy management is an important aspect of environmental management, which will show healthy dividends for your business.

Superior energy management is good business. Recent research suggests that leaders in energy management are able to achieve superior financial performance. Whether your business is commercial, industrial, or institutional, energy is part of your value chain and managing it strengthens your bottom line.

Be it manufacturing, real estate, retail, healthcare, education or government, controlling and cutting costs is important for success. Reducing energy use and increasing energy efficiency is a proven strategy for cutting and controlling costs with good returns.

The buzzword is reduced Grid based Energy dependency, low or no impact of power outages, efficiency optimization and reduction in energy costs.

Freedom from Grid Power dependency is very much a possibility today. Consider a situation where a power outage will have low or no impact on daily activity.

Electricity for heating and cooling loads can be replaced by gas. A more Efficient and reliable heating option. The capital and Operating & Maintenance cost of Gas Technologies is much lower in comparison to electrical facility. With efficiency levels of as high as 85%. Gas technologies for water heating are worth exploring.

Freedom from impact of power outages could be enhanced with water pumping, partial lighting, refrigeration and power generation with gas.

Consider this, a reliable uninterrupted alternate energy source on demand.

VGPSPL is a partner to the Building Industry in delivery of The Gas Advantage to create Energy Efficient Spaces.

VGPSPL offers EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services to setup a safe and reliable Gas Infrastructure to share the energy loads in building projects

VGPSPL's gas infrastructure solutions provide enhanced visibility, control and safety in the storage, piping and use of Gas.

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