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Worldwide energy programs to optimize efficiency have been on the back burner.

A 400% variation in energy use intensity of buildings in the United States exists that is not explained by age, technology, hours, size, and climate.

Little improvement of overall energy consumption has been seen although building components are 30% more efficient since 1980.

Even with good returns, energy waste is still prevalent throughout organizations.

Unfortunately, capturing energy waste has been hampered by a lack of focus on energy management.

Organizations that have adopted effective energy management strategies and built successful energy programs have had different results.

The value of strong energy management as a proxy for overall organizational management is increasingly recognized by financial analysts. Recent studies by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors found that leaders in energy management achieved superior stock and financial performance over laggards in energy management.

The bottom line - good energy management is good business and adopting an energy management strategy is a business decision one cannot afford to ignore.

Freedom from Grid based Energy dependency is the need of the moment and managing power outages with low or no impact to users is achievable.

Turn to The Gas Advantage and Energy Efficient Spaces can be created.

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