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  The Global energy demand is higher than ever before and climbing.

In the next decade Global energy demand is projected to double. Global warming has brought into sharp focus the compelling need for a switch from conventional sources to dependable renewable energy resources, for our energy needs.
Grid based energy is arguably the primary energy source. Generally in short supply, the grid based energy supply reliability is suspect. It also has various environmental demerits.
Considering ‘Distributed Energy’ is the way to go.

Gas as an ’On demand alternate energy source’ can support the successful harnessing of green energies from the renewable energy resources. The presence of gas as the on demand alternate energy backup enhances the efficiency, reliability and benefits of going green. We call it ‘The Gas Advantage’.

‘Distributed Energy’ practices acquire a high degree of reliability and efficiency when ‘The Gas Advantage’ is factored in. Having energy management practices in the Building Industry ensures low power outage impacts, reduced carbon footprint, low environmental degradation, energy efficient spaces and an uninterrupted supply of green energy by a customized mechanism at about 40% lower energy costs.

Venus Gas Products & Services (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd; (VGPSPL), is a green initiative focused on delivering 'The Gas Advantage' to all the market segments, be it Industry, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Commercial, Office, Farming or Residential space. 'The Gas Advantage' enhances the over all system reliability and efficiency of green energy delivery mechanism in communities.

Renewable Energy Resources backed by 'The Gas Advantage'



Reduce carbon foot print & cut energy costs, by promoting energy management and efficiency optimization practices among stakeholders.

Contribute towards the slowdown of Global Warming.

Save money, Save energy & Save the Earth.


Provide the environment to plan flexible, reliable, efficient, and environment friendly, distributed energy delivery mechanisms, in communities.

Enable the orientation of the Building Industry to conceive and create energy efficient spaces by coupling renewable energy initiatives with ‘The Gas Advantage’.

Deliver improved living standards at lower living cost.

VGPSPL’s purpose in particular is to encourage
‘Environmental Management by Energy Management’.

Service Description:


VGPSPL is an Energy Management Solution Provider; we bring in the gas-end expertise.

VGPSPL’s gas infrastructure services are aimed at delivery of ‘The Gas Advantage’.

Our Engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) proposals envisage services towards evaluation, design, procurement and construction of gas infrastructure. We deliver an optimum gas storage and delivery system to efficiently and reliably manage the correct throughputs, after factoring the benefits of Renewable energies, on a case to case basis.
Energy costs can be about 40% lower, after renewable energy harnessing benefits are factored in.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Encourage ‘Distributed Energy’ and support practices of energy management and efficiency optimization programs, in communities.
  • Promote use of gas as an ‘on demand alternate energy source’ to optimize the overall system efficiency, reliability & benefits of green energy solutions.
  • Provide the convenience of a reliable alternate energy choice and reduce the impact of power outages in communities.
  • Encourage investments in renewable energy initiatives backed by ‘The Gas Advantage’.
  • Reduce carbon footprint levels by creating energy efficient spaces.
  • Cut the overall energy costs by about 40%.
  • Deliver improved living standards at lower living costs.
  • Promote ‘Environmental Management by Energy Management’.
  • Slow down Global Warming.
  • Save money, save energy & save The Earth.


Benefits & Outcomes:


  • Building projects designed to incorporate ‘The Gas Advantage’, have the convenience of gas as an ‘On demand alternate energy source’.
  • Projects with ‘The Gas Advantage’ enjoy low or no impact of power outages, because of reduced grid energy dependency.
  • With the Gas Advantage, investments in renewable energy initiatives become viable and hence real.
  • Such projects acquire the capability to harvest benefits of green energy on an availability basis and meet energy demands efficiently, continuously and reliably at about 40% less energy costs.


  • A gas backed green energy stream at about 40% lower energy cost, in building projects.
  • ? Reduced carbon foot print and an efficient waste management and disposal system.
  • Improved living standards at lower living cost.
  • Environmental Management by Energy Management.


‘Green Energy’ Initiative’s hand shake with ‘The Gas Advantage’ means a reliable, efficient Green Energy Stream at about 40 % lower Energy costs.

VGPSPL will strengthen the business climate for Distributed Energy Initiatives and activities by promoting the exchange of knowledge between all stake holders and institutions.

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Let’s Save Money, Save Energy & Save the Earth!