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Households who install gas appliances have fewer callbacks for repairs. And now we have more than ever before applications and choices to enhance home comfort. In the near future homes with gas advantage will find a better price. In mature markets clients insist on homes with The Gas Advantage

Read on to learn the many different ways gas can add comfort, convenience and enjoyment to your home life with the reliability and economy that you've come to expect from this energy source and from Venus Gas Products & Services (Mysore) Pvt Ltd.

Throughout your home Gas enhances your life

  • Today's high-efficiency natural furnaces feature technology that boosts efficiency to save money and improve comfort.
  • Gas water heaters deliver up to twice the hot water in the same amount of time as an electric water heater.
  • A Gas Dryer dries two loads of towels in the same time as one load in an electric dryer.
  • Patterned after professional models, today's Gas ranges offer even cooking, high-output burners, and super-low simmer temperatures.
  • For ease and relaxation, Gas Fire Places and logs, grills, refrigerators and outdoor lights are unparalleled.
  • Gas is the best choice for Pool and Space Heating and backup generation.
Indoors and out, gas does it all!

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