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Venus Gas Products & Services (Mysore) Pvt Ltd has Safety, quality and price at the center while discussing collaborations. The core business of our collaborators is metrological instruments including electricity meters, gas meters, water meters, heat meters and meter components and are specialists in this field.

'gaspros' gas meters are manufactured in the production facility of a Chinese OEM. The company owns abundant funds and technological strength. In the company, there are a number of skilled and experienced engineering and management experts who specialize in product design, technology, production, quality control and marketing, etc. respectively.

The main products include :

Domestic Gas Meters


Models available:
G1, G1.6, G1(A), G1.6A, G1.6(S), G2.5(S), G4(S), G1.6(L), G2.5(L), G4(L).

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Models available:

PG1, PG1.6, PG1(A), PG1.6(A), PG1.6(S), PG2.5(S), PG4(S), PG1.6(L), PG2.5(L), PG4(L), divided into 6 series and 26 models

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Models available:

ZG1.6(S), ZG2.5(S), ZG4(S), ZG1.6(A), ZG1.6(L), ZG2.5(L), ZG4(L)

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Models available:

Hand Terminal, Data collector, CG1.6/2.5WY-HH01, CG1.6/2.5WY-HH02

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Commercial And Industrial Gas Meters

G6, G10, G16, G25, G40, G65 and G100 (include mechanical and prepaid gas meters). With the advanced technology from Japan, France and Italy, the meters, developed and designed by Sino-foreign technical experts, can fully meet the market requirement at home and abroad. The product quality and their parameters fully meet and satisfy the specifications and requirement of OIML R31-1995. Among them the intelligent integrative prepaid gas meter has really realized the integration of machinery and electron.

The pulse gas meter has the feature of remote signal transmission and resist-magnet-attack, it provide the reliable guarantee for the realization of remote reading technology. Our production facility in China has four advanced automatic production lines, with the specialized accuracy testing and calibration equipment, the quality of the gas meters are fully guaranteed. Now the company has the one million productive capabilities per year.

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