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Renewable Energy Resources backed by 'The Gas Advantage'

  • Encourage the concept of ’distributed Energy’.
  • Support energy management and efficiency optimization programs, in communities.
  • Promote the use of gas as an ‘on demand alternate energy source’ to enhance the overall system efficiency and reliability of green energy solutions, making investments in renewable energy initiatives viable.
  • Provide the convenience of a reliable alternate energy choice and to reduce the impact of power outrages in communities.
  • Encourage, in building projects, sustainable green energy harnessing mechanisms by incorporating ‘The Gas Advantage’.
  • Cut the overall energy costs by about 40%.

  • Reduce carbon footprints, by creating energy efficient spaces.
  • Deliver improved living standards at lower living costs.
  • Contribute towards the slowdown of Global Warming.
  • Promote ‘Environmental Management by Energy Management’
  • Save money, save energy and save the Earth.

Consider house keeping of the only home we have - The Earth.

The History:

Venus is an Indian Group of companies, based out of the enchanting city of Mysore. The Kingdom of Mysore was traditionally believed to have been founded in 1399 AD in the vicinity of the modern city.
The Venus Group consists of three gas industry specific, business entities:

  • Venus Gas Services (Since 1972)
  • Venus Gas Appliances (Since 1984) and
  • Venus Gas Products & Services (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd. (Since 2004)

Under the able guidance of Sri. M. Madhava, the Group has gained over 35 years of combined operational experience in the Gas industry, which forms the core of the group’s value system. The management of Venus Gas Products & Services (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd; a green initiative, is under Mr. Vinod Maroli who has about 25 years of experience and complete domain knowledge of global as well as Indian gas industry trends. The group has a consistent year-on-year growth of over 52% for the past 2 years.

Domain Expertise:

  • Understanding of the versatility of gaseous fuels and the diverse applications possibilities.
  • Experience in various types of metering solutions.
  • Experience in manufacture of LPG storage tanks (Overground/Underground), erection, commissioning, maintenance and recertification.
  • Experience in manufacture and maintenance of vaporizers (Electric/water bath).
  • Experience in gas safety (inline & atmospheric).
  • Experienced manpower committed to technology and safety.

  • Seven years experience in project implementation involving process piping and systems at MRPL \ HPCL, Mangalore, in association with Toyo Engineering, Japan, and Engineers India Ltd (EIL).
  • Offered EPC (Engineering, Procurement and construction) services towards setting up the first reticulated LPG system in 2004-05 for a client in Bangalore.
  • Gas Infrastructure Solution providers for integrated township projects in Bangalore.

Old World Value Advantage:


  • A culture with an Inspiring long past.
  • A civilization that gave life sciences like Yoga and Ayurveda to the world.
  • Conservation of resources, protection of environment and Sarve bhavanthu sukhina (happiness to all), these have remained among the core elements of the peoples beliefs.
  • Co-existence and tolerance are deeply embodied in our nature.
  • Region’s customs demonstrate acknowledgement and respect for the powers of nature.
  • Creation of heat sinks (Bana) and protection of such biospheres are among our ancient practices.
  • Even before the modern subject of waste management arrived, recycling practices were a part of this culture. Practice of eating on a variety of plant leaves and disposal into pits, built to produce farm manure.
  • An aware society that knows, it’s not about control…. It’s all about co-operation, interdependence and co-existence.

Benefits of Distributed Energy:

  • Saving Money

  • Saving Energy

  • Saving The Earth


Products & Services:

In order to support the harnessing of green energy, VGPSPL has established global collaborations with OEM’s, to roll out Gas Infrastructure Solutions under the brand ‘gaspros’.

‘Gaspros’ branded product categories include:

  • Storage solutions.
  • Metering solutions.
  • Vaporizers and reduction units.
  • Gas safety solutions.
  • Power generators.
  • Water pumping solutions.
  • Water heating solutions.
  • Combined heat & Power (CHP) Solutions.
  • Hybrid heating & cooling solutions.
    (renewable energy integrated solutions)
  • Lifestyle Solutions.
  • Auto gas storage and dispersion solutions.
  • Bobtail transport and dispensing solutions.

  • Gas - An on demand alternate energy source backup, for ‘Green energy initiatives’

Business Model:

Venus Gas Products & Services (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd., offers EPC services in building projects towards delivering ‘The Gas Advantage’ through global collaborations.

Our gas infrastructure solutions enable project owners to design building projects with Gas as an ‘On demand alternate energy source’ backup, to support the green energy harvesting mechanisms.

To save money, save energy & save The Earth.


Market Deliverables:


Making renewable (Green) energy investments productive by enabling the delivery of a reliable, efficient and uninterrupted Green energy stream, by providing ‘The Gas Advantage’ backup.

Cutting carbon foot print levels and cutting energy costs.

Minimizing the impact of power outages in Communities.