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Gas Fireplaces And Logs

Gas logs and fireplaces provide the warmth and charm of a glowing fire - without the need to haul wood or clean up ashes. More and more home owners are discovering the lasting benefits of gas logs:

  • Operate without electricity
  • Enhance room decor
  • Impart no smoky odor, no ashes
  • Provide space heating
  • Are environmentally friendly

Is a gas line currently installed?

If not, then a gas line will need to be installed for installation of the logs. A Qualified Gas Contractor should install your gas line.

Types of Gas Logs

Gas logs are available in a variety of designs crafted to resemble real wood. The gas burner assembly creates a pleasant effect that suggests lively glowing embers. There are two types of fireplace log sets:

  • Vented decorative gas fireplace log sets can install into an existing fireplace and require a fireplace damper.
  • Vent-free logs can be freestanding, requiring no firebox. Many owners like the way they help heat a room while adding a warm glow.

Great Space Heating: Vent-Free Gas Logs

A great source of space heating: vent-free gas logs. These log sets require no vented fireplace. They can be freestanding against a wall or in a corner. Or, installed into an existing fireplace they operate with the damper closed - emitting 99 percent of the heat into the room.

Home owners also like the way they operate during power outages, and they're ideal for second homes.