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Gas Space Heater

Any Time Any Where Feel the Warmth ……with gaspros space heaters!!

For inclement weather or whenever you need "just enough" warmth, consider an energy-efficient gas space heater. One of today's most popular home improvement items, gas space heaters ensure home heating, even during electricity outages.

Only Gas gives you instant heat

No matter what type of Gas Heating you choose, there’s ‘no waiting’. You’ll have instant warmth, and a nice warm feeling knowing that the low running costs of Gas will save you money year after year.

Gas space heaters have been popular for many years, improving with the advent of advanced technology and manufacturing techniques.

What about those hard-to-heat areas of your home, such as closed-in porches, add-on rooms, garages, or the basement? A gas convection space heater may be just what you need to complement your existing heating system. These compact, energy-efficient units can be mounted on a wall and sized to heat just one room or several. They are directly vented outside. Some units have built-in circulating fans and electronic ignitions. Gas convection space heaters are also approved for mobile and manufactured homes.

  • Since the Gas Heater is so efficient and has a fan - these heaters can be used to heat large spaces.
  • Quickly warming people and objects before heating the air.
  • Easy to read room temperature display.
  • These are designed to supplement your central heat or primary gas heater as a cost effective, efficient and portable solution.
  • A low operating cost - up to four times less expensive than heating with electricity or wood.

Our Gas space heater Line offers two top-performing models: vent-free heaters and vented heaters . The vent-free model is virtually 100 percent fuel-efficient and requires no electricity. It has the option of either manual or thermostatic control and can either be wall- or floor-mounted. The vented space heater is a thermostatically controlled model that rests on the floor.

Reliable Performance - With fewer parts to wear out, gas space heaters can be more durable than electric models.

Energy-efficient - With superior heat distribution and retention, they can cost less to operate than electric models.

Portable - Pick up, plug in and heat with the attractive Portable Convector Heaters.

Continuous Low-Cost Fuel Supply
- Warm a room of any size with state of the art Energy Savers.

Unobtrusive Design - Wall mounted cozy Gas space Heaters for unobtrusively warm smaller spaces such as your hallway.