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Only Gas gives you instant heat

No matter what type of Gas Heating you choose, there’s ‘no waiting’. You’ll have instant Hot Water, and a nice warm feeling knowing that the low running costs of Gas will save you money year after year.

Gas Water Heater

If gas is available, your next water heater should be gas fueled. Electricity is the fuel of choice only where it is the only option--or where it is impossible to run a fuel out the roof to carry the water heater's combustion emissions. Gas is both cheaper and much faster at heating a tankful of water. So are propane, kerosene, and oil, but they're less convenient because they must be delivered to a house.

  • Reliable Performance & Unobtrusive Design- With fewer parts to wear out, gas water heaters can be more durable than electric models.
  • Energy-efficient - With superior heat distribution and retention, they can cost less to operate than electric models.
  • Faster heat recovery - Gas water heaters deliver up to twice the hot water in the same amount of time as an electric water heater

And even if the power goes out, most gas water heaters continue to deliver plenty of hot water!