Gas Safety –Atmospheric

The SureGas Sentinel

The SureGas Sentinel is a computer based gas safety system that is capable of communicating and processing data from up to 254 sensors/input modules per port - Initially the Sentinel system will have 2 ports as standard.

The Sentinel software will provide the user with all relevant information regarding sensor status received continuously from the sensors.

The system is able to monitor remote locations for alarm status or service information if required and configured to do so. This will allow effective system backup if and where required. The distance between the control centre and the sensors could be up to 1 kilometer.

The SureGas Sentry

The SureGas Sentry is a gas leak detector that comprises state-of-the-art sensors and electronics. It will respond to an accumulation of gas at a level of 10% of the lower explosive limit of what would normally constitute a flammable or explosive mixture (or at other levels if required). Once the SureGas Sentry has detected a leak, it sounds an alarm and automatically shuts off the gas supply (if the solenoid is fitted).

The SureGuard

This unit has a manual reset and audible alarm at the sensor. It can shut off solenoid valves and will communicate with the SureGas Sentinel computer system. This unit should only be used in non-hazardous areas.

If a gas leak occurs and there is no one present in the apartment then the control centre can investigate.

With this system, the user has the flexibility to increase the number of sensors up to +/- 800 sensors.