Gas Safety – Inline

The SureGas Controller

The SureGas Controller is the ultimate in gas management systems. It enables the user to switch the gas supply on and off by remotely operated solenoid; it tests the gas system for leaks; and automatically shuts the supply off if a leak is discovered. (A temporary override facility enables the user to use the gas in circumstances where this is necessary).

This unique system also makes provision for the incorporation of a number of gas sensors, capable of being calibrated to react to the accumulation of gas at predetermined levels of concentration, namely several warning levels and an alarm level with automatic shut off.

This unit is available in two models, one for smaller kitchen applications and the other designed for larger commercial applications, the essential differences being the size of gas pipe that can be accommodated, the number of sensors and the sophistication of the information display.

The SureGas Protector


The Suregas Protector is an inexpensive gas flow detector that is fitted in-line, as close to the gas bottle as possible, and allows the user to continuously test the gas line for leaks.

For example, when the gas bottles are initially opened, if there is a leak, or if a burner has been left open, the unit will signal gas flow - enabling the user to take immediate action. Similarly, if the appliances are shut down and the LED on the SureGas Protector is flashing, there is a gas leak.

This SABS tested and internationally patented product is manufactured in South Africa to the highest international standards, using imported components and local technology.