Gas Solutions - Storage Solutions - Introduction

Introduction to Storage Solutions

Key to a good gas infrastructure is a safe and user friendly storage yard.

VGPSPL's OEM partner in design and construction of LPG and natural gas equipments enjoy arguably the leadership status in the European market.

Having a combined industry experience of over 25 years of successful business with out an accident on record we are certain 'gaspros' brand of tanks, vaporizers and reduction units will introduce nothing short of the best in terms of safety and performance in gas markets.

Qualified company processes like; ISO 9001:2000, PED and ATEX, besides using certified products according to strict field standards has enabled us to develop standardized ,modular products and solutions.

'Gaspros' storage products and solutions also include tank equipments and telemetry systems.

Construction, merchandising and installation of plants for pressure reduction, vaporization and measurements is done under ISO and PED H1 module quality standards up to IV class.

Main Products