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Turbine Gas Meter Introduction

'gaspros' gas turbine flow meter is a new type-measuring instrument, which has high accuracy and good reliability; it has been developed by our OEM’s for nearly two years based on experience of designing and making turbine flow meter more than ten years. It can measure all kinds of single-phase gas and be widely applied to measure gas in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and combustion gas in cities.

Turbine Gas Meter & Control Valves


  • High precision, good repeatability and wide measuring scale ratio, to 1:20 (or wider).
  • Equipping integrative two-stage rectifier, the length of straight pipe requirement is larger than 2 times of nominal diameter before the flow meter and larger than nominal diameter behind the flow meter.
  • Well-connected reaction structure and distinctive sealing structure are to make sure the reliability of the bearing working for long time.
  • Using two kinds of bearings, self-lubricsating and stainless steel oiling according to user's demand.
  • The technical parameter complies with ISO9951. The length of the instrument's case is 3 times of nominal diameter and the performance of the whole is advanced in the world.
  • The intelligent volume corrector of the flow meter could be turned 340? free and the users can read it expediently under various installations.
  • Meter detects the temperature, pressure and flow rate of the medium and automatically calculates the flow rate compensation and compression factor adjustment by integrating high precision temperature, pressure, accurate flow sensor and intelligent volume corrector.
  • Possess real time database, form network by telephone line using RS-485 communication interlace or special MODEM made in our factory, which is very convenient for centralized data sampling and real time management.
  • Compact structure, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability of the circuit board by using surface mounting technology.
  • Employs high performance MCU and the modern digital filtration technology embedded powerful and superior performance software.
  • Floating calculation and five segment coefficients for self-correcting and with automatically detecting troublesome and alarming functions.
  • Very low power consumption and operating with inner battery or external power by using advanced micro-power consumption technology.
  • Display flow rate on the spot and attached multi-outputting functions.
  • Several measurement values display such as standard volume accumulation, standard volume flow rate. Volume rate percentage under operating condition, medium temperature, pressure and power capacity percentage of battery, can be displayed directly on a high contrast three-lined LCD.
  • Real time data storage functions prevent data from loss when power disappears or exchange battery. All instrumental parameters can be kept permanently.
  • Possess explosive proof functions. The Explosive proof grades are ExdIIBT4 and ExiaIIBT4
  • The defend graded are IP54 (explosion-proof type) and IP65 (Security type)